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Fábio Fontes
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I DON'T do requests. Want something done by me, cough it up!



Pixel Tactics Unit Archive by FontesMakua
Pixel Tactics Unit Archive
Gathering of all units from all released (or at least officially announced) games of the Pixel Tactics card game series.

Curious about Pixel Tactics? Check it here:

Pixel Tactics © Level 99 Games.
So, here's the thing: after working on quite a bunch of board games as an illustrator, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do one of my own! Or better yet, a collaboration with Level 99 Games, with me and Brad Talton (L99's overlord, and creator of board games like BattleCON and Pixel Tactics) working together on the gameplay, and me handling the lore (world, characters, etc) and artwork.
I've always been a big fan of mecha anime, like Gundam, Gaogaigar, TTGL, Getter Robo, etc. Also, it kinda upsets me that us westerns aren't getting much mecha-themes videogames, SPECIALLY the Super Robot Taisen series! I know, licensing's a b*tch, but there's no excuse for the Original Generation spin-offs!
FW Journal Logo by FontesMakua
So we started a project of our own, called Frame Wars! This is a combat board game featuring giant robots beating the living crap outta one another (if that alone doesn't get your attention, then I friggin' give up). There's not much to show yet in terms of gameplay, but expect the core engine (if we can call it that) to be similar to Super Robot Wars, but on a board, and with cards. And in a smaller scale, as we're currently focusing on 2-player 3v3 combat.

All in all, we're expecting to deliver something fast-paced, dynamic, and with some customization. All this while trying to keep the game as accessible to everyone as possible (wishful thinking, I know). I mean, who wants to show a game to a friend, only to have said friend scared by all the components layed out on the table? I sure as hell don't!

Check art for this project below:

Frame Wars - Roster Teaser by FontesMakuaConcept - Jayden Sanders v2 by FontesMakuaConcept - US-M6Q3 Abraham-J by FontesMakuaConcept: Goichi Matsuda by FontesMakuaConcept - Ri-Zento Punisher V2 by FontesMakuaSgt Sanders by FontesMakuaNow you've done it... by FontesMakuaThe Lawful and the Chaotic by FontesMakuaMeet the Sargeant by FontesMakuaGermany's Rebuilder by FontesMakuaConcept - S-001 Lucifer by FontesMakuaConcept - HF-T 00A Verma and HF-T 00B Azure by FontesMakuaStrike a pose! by FontesMakuaThe Test Units by FontesMakuaChibi US-M6 Abraham by FontesMakuaRi-Zento Punisher quick chibi by FontesMakua30m sketch - Ring Queen SD by FontesMakuaChibi Abraham by FontesMakuaEurope in FW by FontesMakua

Outdated Art:
Concept: US-M6Q Abraham-J by FontesMakuaAbraham-J - 2-arm and 4-arm modes by FontesMakuaConcept: Jaysen Sanders by FontesMakuaFW - Jayden and Go by FontesMakuaConcept: S-014 Ri-Zento Punisher by FontesMakuaBrave Fencer Goichi by FontesMakuaOre wa... NAMBA WAN!!! by FontesMakuaBrave Fencer Goichi - WIP by FontesMakua

Frame Wars - 02/October Playtest by FontesMakua Frame Wars: Oct 29th Playtest by FontesMakua

So yeah, this is the personal project that has been taking a big chunk of my time. I sure hope it pays off, and by that I mean I hope you guys end up liking it. Don't be afraid to ask any questions (comments, notes, whatever), and stay tuned for more updates!!!
  • Playing: "No More Heroes" and "Smash Bros 3DS"
Come witness the epic battle between me and my ISP, as I try to stream some art making:

Lookin' forward to see ye in there!


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Hello gladly
First let me introduce myself I am MSOL a person with simple tastes and knows that life is a short trip by train, car or boat sometimes bike, but always trying to have fun, despite the challenges and ordeals that puts life no good way to say that, but I would like to talk with you about
how could you  help me design some highlights, I say this because I just saw some impressive yours drawings wicks and good, would be comforme if you could make me an art trade or simple request (as a sketch) or if you need more time, as could pay you points have no problem, I just need urgently to help me designing my robots >w<

!! Good yes or not my friend!  maybe not got much time, well I do not know, but I write it anyway: D

Thanks and Regards: wave:
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Question are you ever going to do your "Fonte's Rants" comic again?
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Really got no plans for that, nope.
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openCanvas 6.  It's currently a little bugged (version 6 has been released pretty recently), so try to hunt down openCanvas 5.5 or wait till they fix all the bugs.
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Thanks :D
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